tri-town, Destination Hometown

Back to School in the Tri-town.


tri-town, Destination Hometown

September 1st was back to school in the tri-towns of Rochester, Marion and Mattapoisett and also many of the other towns in the Southeastern Massachusetts area.  The day brought heat and humidity as well as a lot of moans and groans from students packing up their backpacks and heading to the bus.

This week promises more higher temperatures making the trek back to school more difficult for students and teachers alike.  The weather does hold some promise toward the end of the week and the weekend for more comfortable temperatures and less humidity.

Many parents are happy to get back into the routine of school and sports, as opposed to  the carefree days of summer.  Labor Day Weekend will be full of cookouts and barbecues to take advantage of the last days of summer.

The housing market has been busy all summer and now is a great time to buy or sell a home.  The temperatures are cooling off, people are back from vacation and ready to look for their dream house, and fall is a great time to showcase the great features of a house.  What house doesn’t look good with pumpkins on the porch and mums decorating the steps.

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