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Beautiful Fall Day!

It’s a beautiful fall day and the weather is perfect!  The temperatures are unseasonably warm for the fourth day in November.  The skies are brilliant blue with not a cloud in sight.  It’s late in the season but turns out to be a great day to be on a tractor making hay.

This video shows what it feels like to be driving a tractor and tedding the hay.  The implement is called a tedder and basically flips the hay around to dry it.  With an ipod and a little music, it makes for an enjoyable afternoon while getting some farm work done.  A beautiful hawk circled the field as I drove the tractor around looking for any mice or moles to run out from under the hay.  He kept a watch perched on a tree as I circled the field.

The next step is to rake the hay into winnrows for the baler to pick up.  We ended up baling in the afternoon and had it all picked up by 4:00 before the early darkness sets in.

It was a great way to enjoy a beautiful day in Rochester, MA  on the family farm before the cold weather sets in.

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This blog was posted on on November 4, 2015.