New Bedford Winter Events!

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New Bedford is a great city and even though the weather is cold, there are still some great events going on in the city.  Here are some of them:

The New Bedford Symphony Orchestra opens the second half of its 2014-2015 with “Romantic Spells” on February 14 at 7:30 pm in the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center.  Russian-American violinist Yevgeny Kutik will be featured in Brahms’s grand Concerto for Violin in D Major.  For more information, visit  or call 508-999-6276

New Bedford’s Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Remembrance Celebration 2015!  The celebration will be held on Sunday, January 18,2015  3:00-5:00 pm at the First Unitarian Church, 71 8th Street in New Bedford.  The keynote speaker this be Massachusetts Attorney General-Elect Maura Healey.

Register Now for Fishing for  a Cause Catch-and-Release Tournament!  Register now for the Schwartz Center’s FISHING FOR A CAUSE Striped bass, Bluefish, and Fluke tournament, scheduled for June 26 and June 27, 2015.  visit or 508-996-3391 for more info.

It’s that time of year!  Join the New Bedford Fitness Challenge!  Open to anyone age 16+ who lives, works, or attends school in New Bedford.  Participants will have access to fitness classes and a chance to win big!  Join as an individual or a team of 2-10.  $5 per person.   Sign up January 17th, 12-3 pm at the Andrea McCoy Recreation Center,  181 Hillman St. New Bedford.

The Historical Society Will be Hosting the 15th Annual Frederick Douglass Read-a-thon.  This event will be held on Sunday, February 8thfrom 2-6 pm at the First Unitarian Church, 71 Eighth Street in New Bedford, MA.  The first autobiography of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave written by Himself(1845) will be read.  For additional information contact the Society at508-979-8828.

These are just some of the events happening this month and next.

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Rochester Pack 30 Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby!

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Rochester Pack 30 Cub Scouts  Pinewood Derby was held on Saturday, January 10th at the Rochester Memorial School.  This is a time-honored tradition which has been going on for 50 plus years.  The boys were given a Pinewood Derby kit which includes a block of wood and 4 wheels and axles.  They are then able to cut the block of wood into any shape they would like as long as they stick to the rules which includes how long the cars can be and distance between axles, etc.  The weight of the car cannot exceed 5.0 ounces.  Adding lead or weights to the car can help achieve the correct weight. Graphite is usually sprinkled on the wheels to help them roll better down the track.

The cars were very colorful and imaginative this year and every scout names his car.  There was Captain America, The Monza Machine, and Team Roscoe to name a few.  Every boy receives recognition for the uniqueness of their car and the top four winners received trophies and will move on to The District Pinewood Derby to race again.

The track is a hand-crafted track built by Joe Valente (a past Scoutmaster)  and his students at Greater New Bedford Voke and is one of the best-made in the area.  It is now stored by Kevin Thompson from Bold Moves Real Estate and Rochester Pack 30 for use every year.  The track was originally low tech.  Leaders would sit at the end and determine first, second, third, and fourth place. Now the track is connected to a high tech computer program which determines the winners for each race and also randomly places the cars in order for each heat so each car gets a chance to race on each of the four tracks.  It is a fun day for the boys and they learn how to work on a wood project and use various tools.

Parents and grandparents were on hand to cheer the boys on and take part in a hot dog lunch which included hot chili and soup on a cold day.

Every boy has his own method for making their car unique and fast.  There is no tried and true recipe and you never know which car will be the fastest for the day. Aerodynamics and weight all come into play but the boys are always excited to make a car that is special to them.

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Destination Hometown

Fairhaven Polar Plunge 2015 at Fort Phoenix!

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 About 250 people took part in the Fairhaven Polar Plunge at Fort Phoenix in Fairhaven on New Year’s Day to help raise money for scholarships.  This included the Allen family, pictured above. Terry Allen and his son Josh, and daughter Chelsea took part in the icy challenge.  Kathy Lopes is the chairwoman of the Fairhaven plunge.  She said the event awards a $1000 scholarship to a Fairhaven student majoring in either psychology, sociology or law enforcement.

The past two years scholarship has been awarded to a Fairhaven High School Student who was majoring in law enforcement.  This year students who attend Greater New Bedford Regional, Vocational, Technical High School in New Bedford are also able to apply for the scholarship.

This is the events third year since it took over after the 2010 cessation of the former Fairhaven Polar Plunge at Fort Phoenix, which was held in memory of Nancy Schonheinz who was killed in a domestic violence incident.  Schonheinz was a Fairhaven resident and physical therapist.

Lopes said the mission of the plunge is still to call attention to domestic violence as well as to raise money for scholarships.

Donations can be sent to Dollars For Scholars, at 100 Cedar St., Fairhaven, MA 02719 according to Southcoast Today.

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Destination SouthCoast at Cork!

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Destination SouthCoast at Cork!

Destination SouthCoast at Cork! This Tuesday, June 24, from 6 to 8 pm, Destination SouthCoast will be holding its free business networking and Reputation Marketing workshop at Cork Wine and Tapas at 90 Front Street in historic downtown New Bedford. These workshops have been highly popular. Just for attending you can enter your contact information for free in our new online business directory

The groundbreaking feature of Destination SouthCoast is LOTTIE the L.O.V.E. Bug which enables your customers to leave Live Original Video Endorsements of your business. Online reviews are the fastest way to bring in new revenues by encouraging potential consumers to choose your business when they are looking for goods and services. LOTTIE is free on Destination SouthCoast. We’ll teach you through Reputation Marketing how to make the most of online marketing using reviews to bump your listing to the top of Google’s search engine page results.

Come learn about Destination SouthCoast and Beyond BOLD Media, the team behind this new product. Call us for more information about the Cork event, Destination SouthCoast, or the availability for private consultations at 508-997-8844.

No reviews? You’re missing out!

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Lack of Reviews Puts You on Empty

Does your web presence include online reviews? If not, you’re missing out on building a reputation that potential customers take seriously when they’re deciding whether to give you their business or give it to someone else.

Businesses with online reviews gain the trust of shoppers who are looking for good choices for where to spend their money. If you don’t have any reviews, you’re missing out on those shoppers.

The team at Destination SouthCoast can help you build your online reviews and teach you how to ask satisfied clients to give you testimonials. Along with our online Live Original Video Endorsement tool LOTTIE the Lovebug, you can sign up for your own Google + account for free where anyone can leave reviews. Same with YELP!, the review site where the iPhone gets its information when people ask, for example, for nearby restaurants.

Promoting online reviews is one effective method of reputation marketing…one of the most effective ways of building a customer base and increasing revenues. If you’re not collecting online reviews, you’re missing out to those who are.

For more information, contact Beyond BOLD Media, the creators of, at 508-997-4488. Seminars in reputation marketing, online reviews, and free B2B networking are held every other Tuesday night. The next event is June 24 at Cork Wine and Tapas on Front Street in New Bedford from 6 to 8 pm. Admission is free.

Live Original Video Endorsements

ladybhighresThe holy grail of online reviews are those that promote your business with enthusiasm and authenticity. You want people to be so excited about what you have to offer that when they post a review about you it is detailed and infectious.

How do you encourage such reviews? It’s important to catch people in the moment that they are feeling the most excited about what you have to offer, and that usually means making sure they have the opportunity to create their review on the spot before walking away. Reviews posted later usually lack the same spontaneous and real emotion of reviews made immediately.

Destination SouthCoast makes immediate reviews possible by offering a new tool called LOTTIE the LOVEbug that encourages Live Original Video Endorsements. LOTTIE is a ladybug logo that is clickable and scannable so customers can use their smartphones, tablets or computers to create reviews that capture the moment. Most of all, LOTTIE makes creating video reviews easy, and video reviews are fun.

For more information about LOTTIE and how to encourage Live Original Video Endorsements, call Beyond Bold Media which manages Destination SouthCoast at 508-997-8844.