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Plumb Library Events, Rochester, MA

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The Plumb Library In Rochester, MA has many activities for adults and children alike. Come check out these Library Events.

The Minecraft Club is for children ages 7 and up.  Tuesdays, January 6- February 10, 4:30-5:30. Pre-registration is required.  Supervised by teen volunteers. The current session is full.  Contact Mrs. Lisa or fill out the registration form on the Events Calendar to be placed on the wating list

The Knitting Group for adults meets on Mondays at 6:30 pm.

You can also join one of the Book Groups. Come in and check at the desk for the latest  title and to join.

February Vacation Programs:

Tuesday,  February 17, 11:00 am.  Essential Oils and Yoga with Ms. Marsha.  For ages 9 and up.  Bring your lunch.  Pre-registration is requested.

Wednesday, February 18, all day.  Lego Challenge Drop-In program, for ages 3 and up. Legos will be out for use by children.  Make whatever you want, or use our prompts to jog your creativity.  Duplos will be available for those under age 3.

Thursday,  February 19, 1:30 -2:30 pm. Build a milk carton greenhouse. All materials provided.  A MOBY Program.  Pre-registration is required.

Friday, February 20, 11:00-11:30 am. Yoga Toes for Tots:  Toddler Yoga for ages 1-3 with Ms. Marsha.

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Winter Blizzard of 2015 Is Here!

BOLD Moves Real Estate

The Winter Blizzard of 2015 is upon us!  Are you ready?  The Governor of Massachusetts has declared a State of Emergency and a ban on travel after midnight on all state roadways.  This way plow crews will be able to get the roads cleared without unnecessary traffic.   You could be arrested for driving after midnight so make sure you get where you are going and stay there.    Bridges are expected to be closed after midnight like the Braga Bridge so plan accordingly.

Our area is under a Blizzard Warning. The forecast calls for heavy snow,strong winds and blizzard conditions beginning late tonight and continuing until early Wednesday.  The most severe portion of the storm will be from tonight through Tuesday afternoon.  A total accumulation of 20-30 inches could fall in the New Bedford area.  Also sustained winds from the North/Northesast  of 15-25 mph with gusts of 65-75 mph. There could be white-out conditions.

Be prepared.  There could be wide-spread power outages.

Here are some tips:

Keep your radios and devices plugged in and have extra batteries for your flashlights.

Make sure generators are ready to go.  Never run one inside the house.  They need  air to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Have extra blankets ready and wood for your fireplace or woodstove.

Have snow shovels ready.  Take it easy shoveling and take frequent breaks.

Have meals prepared that you don’t have to cook in case the power goes out.

Have your car filled with gas.  If the power goes out, the pumps won’t work.

Check on elderly family members and neighbors.  Help them with shoveling and clearing off paths.  Make sure they are warm and ok.

Have some activities for the kids that don’t involve electricity such as board games, crafts, books, coloring or painting activities.

Most of all stay calm and plan on staying in and enjoying some much needed family time.

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Destination SouthCoast at Cork!

cork wine and tapas

Destination SouthCoast at Cork!

Destination SouthCoast at Cork! This Tuesday, June 24, from 6 to 8 pm, Destination SouthCoast will be holding its free business networking and Reputation Marketing workshop at Cork Wine and Tapas at 90 Front Street in historic downtown New Bedford. These workshops have been highly popular. Just for attending you can enter your contact information for free in our new online business directory

The groundbreaking feature of Destination SouthCoast is LOTTIE the L.O.V.E. Bug which enables your customers to leave Live Original Video Endorsements of your business. Online reviews are the fastest way to bring in new revenues by encouraging potential consumers to choose your business when they are looking for goods and services. LOTTIE is free on Destination SouthCoast. We’ll teach you through Reputation Marketing how to make the most of online marketing using reviews to bump your listing to the top of Google’s search engine page results.

Come learn about Destination SouthCoast and Beyond BOLD Media, the team behind this new product. Call us for more information about the Cork event, Destination SouthCoast, or the availability for private consultations at 508-997-8844.

Live Original Video Endorsements

ladybhighresThe holy grail of online reviews are those that promote your business with enthusiasm and authenticity. You want people to be so excited about what you have to offer that when they post a review about you it is detailed and infectious.

How do you encourage such reviews? It’s important to catch people in the moment that they are feeling the most excited about what you have to offer, and that usually means making sure they have the opportunity to create their review on the spot before walking away. Reviews posted later usually lack the same spontaneous and real emotion of reviews made immediately.

Destination SouthCoast makes immediate reviews possible by offering a new tool called LOTTIE the LOVEbug that encourages Live Original Video Endorsements. LOTTIE is a ladybug logo that is clickable and scannable so customers can use their smartphones, tablets or computers to create reviews that capture the moment. Most of all, LOTTIE makes creating video reviews easy, and video reviews are fun.

For more information about LOTTIE and how to encourage Live Original Video Endorsements, call Beyond Bold Media which manages Destination SouthCoast at 508-997-8844.

Video Reviews are Powerful

destination southcoast video review

Video Reviews inspire Trust

Video Reviews are Powerful! Destination SouthCoast makes it easy for customers to leave reviews for businesses using LOTTIE the L.O.V.E.bug  the scannable icon and a smartphone or computer. Right at the point of purchase, a pleased customer can scan a sign with LOTTIE and the QR code for Destination SouthCoast to leave a message about how the business performed for them.

Video reviews are more powerful than text reviews because customers appreciate the person-to-person approach. For businesses, a video review earns twice the search engine power with Google ratings because the video review gets posted on YouTube as well.

New millennium web surfers like to watch more than they like to read. Spontaneous video reviews for Destination SouthCoast businesses inspire trust and are authentic. In the world of promoting your business, it’s hard to combine good testimonials with authenticity unless people can see that the good word-of-mouth is coming directly from the customer.

For more info on connecting video reviews to your business using LOTTIE and Destination SouthCoast, call 508-997-8844.LOTTIE the LOVEbug

Benefits of Destination SouthCoast

Destination SouthCoast Benefits

Destination SouthCoast puts you on the cyber map.

What are the benefits of being part of the Destination SouthCoast revolution? With our system of hyperlocal reputation marketing, you benefit from high visibility on the internet and a network of customer reviews that convince others that you are a business worth frequenting!

Destination SouthCoast is a powerful alternative to other advertising approaches. Unlike television, radio or print, our marketing has staying power and is affordable in comparison to traditional approaches that people are increasingly ignoring.

So what do we do? Destination SouthCoast is a free directory of businesses in the SouthCoast area for people who live here or are looking to relocate to a new home or visit the area. It is the place that specializes in letting residents find out who is in their own backyard.

Along with the directory there is the option of signing up for video testimonial services that accompany your listing. These reviews are your good word-or-mouth turned into convincing sales tools that people can find online. Studies show what shoppers believe reviews more than they believe what a vendor says about its own business. Five reviews can increase your customer base by 20 percent!

Destination SouthCoast is also dedicated to helping your business show up on page one of the Google search results for your field. Even if you already have a web site, we know how to optimize your visibility online.

Finally, Destination SouthCoast hosts Tuesday night seminars and networking opportunities at its 145 Fairhaven Road location in Mattapoisett. Every other week people gather here for free to learn more about what we have to offer and meet other business owners who are using hyperlocal reputation marketing to advance their enterprises online.

Our next gathering is Tuesday May 27. Call Destination SouthCoast’s creator Beyond BOLD Media at 508-997-8844 for more information, to let us know you’re coming, or to set up a private consultation to learn what we can do for you and what you can be doing for yourself to grow beyond what traditional marketing can offer you.

How to Gather Video Reviews Using Lottie

destination south coast lottie the love bug

Lottie is a new Web tool for video reviews!

Reputation Marketing is the hot new approach to gaining customers using the 21st Century’s version of word-of-mouth recommendations: Lottie.

Getting a friend’s recommendation for a business has always been the most powerful way to convince a potential customer that they want to spend their time and dollars on that recommended business. Now video testimonials online make it easy for that word-of-mouth to go viral and reach countless customers searching for business recommendation.

How can you get in on the action? “Lottie the Love Bug” is a new online tool that businesses can use to gather video reviews from satisfied customers. Created by Destination SouthCoast and the marketing team of Beyond Bold Media, Lottie is a scannable logo that businesses can use on mailings, business cards, brochures, menus, and more to reach customers who might want to create a video review right from their home computer or smartphone.

Lottie’s motto is “Love Them Tell Us.” At Destination SouthCoast we want to use Lottie to help local businesses build their customer base and raise revenues. We think that a job well done should be bragged about on the internet where new potential customers can find the area’s high performing businesses.

Lottie is more than just a logo, however. It is also a clickable online link that brings satisfied clients to a web-based system of creating video reviews. Those reviews get collected by Destination SouthCoast and then distributed across a network of specialized web pages that are designed to capture attention when new potential customers use Google to find a business resource with a good reputation.

Want to use Lottie to help build your web presence and reputation? Call Beyond Bold Media at 508-997-8844 to find out how this webutation system works. Ask us about how we can plug into your existing website or build one for you!