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Rochester Troop 31 New Scouts Crossover!

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Rochester Boy Scout Troop 31 welcomed two new Boy Scouts on Friday night.  Pack 30 Cub Scouts held their annual Crossover Ceremony and Blue and Gold Banquet at the First Congregational Church in Rochester.  The boys were treated to a special Crossover Ceremony by the New Bedford Troop 24.  This is an important ceremony for the Webelos Cub Scouts.  Eli MacGregor and Tyler Souza received their Arrow of Light, which is the highest Cub Scout Rank and the only Award they are allowed to wear on their new Boy Scout uniforms.

The Crossover Ceremony is only performed by a small number of Boy Scout Troops and New Bedford  Troop 24 provided an impressive Ceremony in full regalia which involved the boys lighting candles to represent the meaning of the Scout Law and crossing over the Bridge to Boy Scouts.

Rochester Troop 31 Boy Scouts were on hand to receive the Boys into their troop and present them with their new Boy Scout Handkerchief.

Eli and Tyler worked very hard to earn their badges and receive their Arrow of Light.  Eli started as a Tiger Cub in 1st grade and Tyler joined as a Webelos Scout.

The Cub Scout Master, Roger Poulin, presented the boys with their new Boy Scout Handbook. The Crossover was held in conjunction with the Blue and Gold Banquet which is held every year as a birthday party for Cub Scouts.  Pizza and salad as well as special cupcakes made the night a complete success.

As the Den Leader for the boys since they were Tiger Cubs, this was a bittersweet moment.  I am very proud of the accomplishments they have made but will miss the den meetings and the family atmosphere of the Cub Scouts.  They are now on their way to Eagle, the highest achievement in Boy Scouts.

Congratulations to Eli and Tyler!

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Tips on Roof Snow Removal!


Clearing the snow off your roof from the gutters up three or four feet after each storm can help ice dams from forming.  Care needs to be taken.  It may not be a great idea to use a ladder in icy weather.  You can use a snow rake from the ground to scrape off the lower layers.

A flat roof is more suspectible to damage and is easier to clean.  Take care when shoveling off the roof even if it is flat.  The more snow you can get off the less strain on the roof.  Trying to clean the roof after each storm is generally easier than waiting until the weight on the roof has accumulated to a dangerous height.

Ice Dams.  What is an ice dam?  Ice dams can form when water from melting snow refreezes at the edge of your roofline.  When snow accumulates on the roof, an ice dam may grow large enough to prevent water from draining off the roof.  This water can back up underneath roof shingles and leak into your home.

The best way to prevent an Ice Dam from forming is to clean the snow regularly off the roof.  Also try to clean the downspouts.  You can also try to knock the icicles that are hanging over the edge off.  Check the attic for signs of any water damage.

To remove an Ice Dam, you need to melt it by putting Calcium Chloride Ice Melt in a nylon stocking across the Ice Dam.  Do not use Rock Salt.  It can damage your roof.  If you cannot safely reach the roof, hire a professional.

You can help prevent Ice Dams by insulating your attic well or installing a water-repellent membrane underneath the shingles when your replace your roof.

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This Blog was originally published on on February 27, 2015

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The New Automated Trash and Single Stream Recycling Program!

Destination Hometown

The New Automated Trash and Single Stream Recycling Program has come to Rochester and Mattapoisett.  New garbage carts were delivered last week.  Everyone has received a garbage cart for Recyclables and a garbage cart for trash.  The new system will not go into effect until February 6th.  Until then, everyone should be using their old cans and recycle bins.  Each garbage cart came with a pamphlet explaining the new program.  The recycle garbage receptacle is larger than the regular trash receptacle. The recycle receptacle can hold about 95 gallons. This program will be monitored for compliance.  Trash cannot be put in the recycle receptacle and recyclables cannnot be put in the garbage receptacle.

The towns are hoping that this will encourage more people to recycle their trash.  Improper use of the carts could result in fines.  Each cart should be set out on the street two feet apart on garbage day.  Recyclable carts will be picked up and emptied every other week and regular carts emptied every week.  The new garbage trucks will have mechanical arms to pick up the carts and empty them and are running on a cleaner fuel that is more efficient

The pamphlets explain what should go into each cart.  All recyclables should be rinsed and clean.

There has been a mixed reaction from local Rochester residents I have talked to. Many felt the garbage cart was too small and one was not enough.  The garbage inside must be in a bag and the lid has to close.  Any bags left outside of the carts will not be picked up.  You can petition the town for another garbage cart, and they will evaluate the situation on a case by case basis and make a decision.  Residents who already recycle feel the program will not change their situation or how they separate their garbage.   Those who do not recycle are concerned about the amount of work it will involve and space in their house to do it. Some residents felt it was easier to just bring their garbage to the dump.

As with all new programs, it will take awhile to get everyone on board.  It’s brand new and everyone is a little concerned with compliance  We will keep track of the implementation and check back with how residents are feeling once they start the new system.  Stay tuned. Visit for more information.

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This blog was originally posted on on January 21,2015

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Get on Page One of Google

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Destination SouthCoast helps you show up on Google’s page one!

Get your web listing on the first page of Google search results! There is a popular saying that you can hide a dead body on page two of Google search results. Don’t let your web site become a dead body. By following these simple steps or letting the web building experts at Destination South Coast help you, your online presence will soon be popping up high on the web’s most popular search engine.

The most important trick is to keep your web site full of active content. What is active content? Active content is made up of fresh postings that the Google software notices when it combs the web for sites that are worth putting up on page one as major players in cyberspace.

How do you keep your content fresh? You want to be updating your web site with new information every week! Blogs are the best way to get Google’s attention because not only do the articles contain words relevant to your business that help people find you, but blogs also are built with what are called “keyword tags” that categorize for Google which searches they should show up in.

Keep your web site interesting, up-to-date, and responsive to Google by knowing how to use blogs and keywords to your best turnout. Look for future blogs on Destination South Coast for hints on using keywords. As for blogs, get subjects into your writing that are related to what people might be searching for when they use Google to find your business.

For example, if you are a fish market, think about posting on your web site information about the most interesting catch-of-the-day. Include recipes and nutrition information. Be sure to mention your location and how you can be contacted. You want to come up on the search page first if an interested customer enters “seafood market near New Bedford” or asks Google “where can I buy lobster in the South Coast region?”

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Ryan G. Loves BOLD Moves Real Estate ♥♥♥♥♥

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What is the Difference between Reputation Management and Reputation Marketing?

ladyb48What is the difference between Reputation Management and Reputation Marketing?

Lots of people are commenting, liking, reviewing, friending and yelping in cyberspace. What does that mean for your business? Reputation management was the first stage that businesses went through when they realized that what customers said about them online was affecting revenues either positively or negatively. They started to google themselves to see and respond to online testimonials. But reputation management is like chasing the train after it has already left the station!

Reputation marketing is like conducting that train. Reputation marketing is a combination of reputation management and branding. By taking action to stimulate reviews for your business, you can influence your reputation for the positive! Here are some steps to take for starting your reputation marketing campaign:

1) Ask your happy customers to give you reviews.

2) Make sure you respond to any unhappy customers to show good faith action. Even though you want to do anything possible to avoid the unfavorable spotlight, nobody is perfect. Proving that you care can still make a good impression.

3) Post your testimonials online on Facebook, Linked In, your Web site, and in YouTube videos.

4) Encourage Yelping.

5) Google yourself regularly to do your management work and find out who’s saying what about you. When you find reviews, be sure to thank the reviewers, good and bad, for the opportunity to improve your business.

Destination SouthCoast is making Reputation Marketing front and center in your marketing efforts.  Please contact us to be part of our pilot program!