Respond to Reviews

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Respond to Your Online Reviews

To share your business values with potential clients, be sure to take the opportunity to respond to your reviews. Even though your reviews come from existing clients, it’s your future clients who will be reading them as they decide whether or not to give you their patronage!

Responding to reviews shows that you care and that you’re staying on top of what your customers have to say about you. Taking the time to say thank you is important. It is much more efficient to keep an already satisfied client than it is to convince a new client to give you a try.

Use your responses to say something useful about your business values. If you have a client who reviews your business and comments that you give superb personal attention, respond with appreciation that the client noticed the work you put into making every customer’s experience with you feel individual and unique.

Using this approach, your happy customer will feel glad that they took the time to compliment you, and your secret audience of other readers who are thinking about giving your business a try will learn that you are a business owner that cares about building lasting, top-notch relationships.

It’s especially important to respond to a less-than-happy customer. Again, thank the customer for their feedback. Then consider how you can turn the situation into a gratifying one. Use the insights into your business to build better operations and tell your customer how their next visit will be improved. Not only may you regain the customer, you’ll be proving to all readers that excellence in customer service is important to you.

Being responsive turns your reviews into interactions and gives you a powerful venue for communicating your business values in a way that sets you apart from competitors.

For expert advice and techniques for building positive reviews that increase your business consumer base through good online buzz, contact the team at Beyond Bold Media which creates Destination SouthCoast and other innovative outreach solutions. Call 508-997-8844 to learn more or to find out when we’re holding our next seminar on how to go viral through reputation marketing.

How to Gather Video Reviews Using Lottie

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Lottie is a new Web tool for video reviews!

Reputation Marketing is the hot new approach to gaining customers using the 21st Century’s version of word-of-mouth recommendations: Lottie.

Getting a friend’s recommendation for a business has always been the most powerful way to convince a potential customer that they want to spend their time and dollars on that recommended business. Now video testimonials online make it easy for that word-of-mouth to go viral and reach countless customers searching for business recommendation.

How can you get in on the action? “Lottie the Love Bug” is a new online tool that businesses can use to gather video reviews from satisfied customers. Created by Destination SouthCoast and the marketing team of Beyond Bold Media, Lottie is a scannable logo that businesses can use on mailings, business cards, brochures, menus, and more to reach customers who might want to create a video review right from their home computer or smartphone.

Lottie’s motto is “Love Them Tell Us.” At Destination SouthCoast we want to use Lottie to help local businesses build their customer base and raise revenues. We think that a job well done should be bragged about on the internet where new potential customers can find the area’s high performing businesses.

Lottie is more than just a logo, however. It is also a clickable online link that brings satisfied clients to a web-based system of creating video reviews. Those reviews get collected by Destination SouthCoast and then distributed across a network of specialized web pages that are designed to capture attention when new potential customers use Google to find a business resource with a good reputation.

Want to use Lottie to help build your web presence and reputation? Call Beyond Bold Media at 508-997-8844 to find out how this webutation system works. Ask us about how we can plug into your existing website or build one for you!