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Fireworks Are Back in Marion!

BOLD Moves Real EstateFireworks are coming back to Marion, MA this Fourth of July.    The Marion Fireworks Committee recently announced that the $50,000 needed to pay  for the barge and fireworks has been met and the contracts signed to bring the fireworks back to Marion.  The event will take place on Saturday, July4th.  The rockets will be launched from a barge off of Silvershell Beach and light up Sippican Harbor.

Last year, the Marion Fireworks Committee did not meet their goal by $15,000 and the event was cancelled.  All the costs of the fireworks come directly out of the money raised by the Committee through fundraising and private donations.  They are always thankful to the generous donors who help to make this event a success.

Donations are still being accepted.  You can mail them to Marion Fireworks Committee at 13 Atlantis Drive, Marion, MA 02738.  Funds not used this year will help with next year’s fireworks.

For more information call Marion Recreation Department at 774-217-8355 or

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Toe Jam Puppet Band!

Toe Jam Puppet Band


       Formed in 2000, the Toe Jam Puppet Band offers a special brand of hands-on children’s entertainment that grown-ups can actually enjoy. The Dynamic group is great with kids, but best when teachers or parents are having fun with the little ones. The performances are very active, encouraging kids and parents to sing and dance along with the band as they entertain with a unique combination of original songs, masterful shadow puppetry, storytelling and just plain old good fun.

       With sponsorship from the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC), the Toe Jam Puupet Band released their first CD in April 2002. Featuring 14 original songs, the CD seeks to replicate the nurturing hands-on interactivity of the playgroup experience that has made them so well loved by children, teachers and parents. In December 2003, Toejam released it’s 2nd CD entitled ‘Toejam Dance Party’ featuring some of their most popular songs, including: ‘Barn Dance’, ‘Block Cheese Dance Party’ and ‘Green Light A-Go-Go.’

       From dance songs like Do the Conga, Barn Dance and Block Cheese Dance Party to interactive songs such asCar Wash the flying Laundryand the wacky bubble machine, everyone, young and old, can’t resist singing and dancing along. Plain old walls magically become a shadow puppet theater for Mr. Bun, Born a Bug, and various other puppet shows.


Tri Town Head Start
May 8, 2015
Smithfield, RI

Sippican Arbor Day Festival
May 9, 2015
Marion, MA

Buttonwood Park Zoo
May 11, 2015
10:00-11:00 and 11:30-12:30
New Bedford, MA

Nourse Elementary School
May 15, 2015
Norton, MA

Taunton Creates
May 16, 2015
Taunton, MA

Buttonwood Park Zoo
May 18, 2015
10:00-11:00 and 11:30-12:30
New Bedford, MA

Center Elementary School
May 28, 2015
9:30-10:15 and 12:30-1:15
Abington, MA

Wilbraham Childrens’ Museum
May 30, 2015
Wilbraham, MA


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Destination Hometown

Make March Magical!

Destination Hometown

Make March Magical by sharing your gratitude!  How?  We love being part of this community!

We want to thank all of the local businesses and professionals that we come in contact with on a daily basis.  Have you, as community members, ever thought how we can repay those professionals around us?  We have!  It’s called gratitude marketing and it’s writing a review for them and letting the world know how amazing you think they are!  Why is this important?  It’s important because now more than ever, people are making decisions by the reviews that they read about a business or a person.  If you are like 90% of the consumers, you go to the web.  You check reviews.  You decide based on what you find.  In fact, studies show that a review from a stranger often holds more weight than a referral from a friend.  This area is notorious for being sleepy as far as review writing.  Reviews are so important to businesses today, yet we all struggle to ask our happy clients for them.  so, for March, share your magic….in the way of a review.

Here are some tips on writing a review:

Google their business.  Their business will come up and on the right hand side of the page will be their “Google business.”  On the bottom of that box, there is a spot that says to review.

Go to their Facebook page.  While it won’t be indexed by google, many people will see, and that is very significant to the business or professional.

Go to their website.  Most websites have prompts on how they want you to leave a review.

Go to Yelp.  Yelp is important because when you ask Siri a question, Yelp answers.  Yelp is tricky though, because they want you to abe a “Yelper” and do more than one review.

Linked in.  Go to their Linked In Page.  This is the professional equivalent to Facebook for a business professional.  Please note!  A recommendation is much more powerful than an endorsement.

Go to We have LOTTIE the LOVEbug- Which is a platform to leave Live Online Video Endorsements.  Share your LOVE!  Video is the king of all communication, because your sentiments can be heard!

Visit for more information on gratitude marketing and Signing up for the BOLD Day Challenge.

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Are you ready for the BOLD day Challenge?

Bold Day Challenge

INSPIRATION STATION: Are you ready for the BOLD day Challenge? Many have asked what will happen after 100 Days to BOLDness? Will we still be BOLD?!

What have I learned?

The gifts and blessings that I have experienced through doing this “100 Days of BOLDness” have been immense. On Day 1 I told you about empowerment and making each day count. Having to write 6 posts a week on ‘BOLD” topics has been something. I have often had trouble finding time to write, but never had a shortage of topics! My habits have expanded to categorizing things that I have learned into, “Could this be BOLD?” So, thank you. The practice of having to write this each day has opened my eyes to the many BOLD events going on around us.

The second gift I have received is the outpouring of wonderful stories to how 100 Days of BOLDnesshas impacted you. I have made friends throughout the country. Your stories have transformed me.

The BOLD day Challenge is the result of all of these factors. The habit of searching for ‘BOLD’ actions, the benefit of sharing a good thought, and the outcome to those around us for these activities.

The BOLD day Challenge is simply writing One thank you note per day to someone. We will provide you with a BOLD day pledge, and then we will provide an outline for finding those to thank, and also a tracking system that will build you your own database. We will offer you complimentary “Make it a BOLD day!” cards, or you can utilize our cards from The details are still being refined, and I just wanted to get you thinking!

Get ready to take the pledge! To be part of this BOLD day Challenge, we are taking a pledge to write one thank you  note per day for the year! Each day, you track your notes, and what the special message was to that person. You also will share the amazing outcomes with the BOLD day Challege Group! Get ready for a magical Year! Wanna talk about it? Call me! 508-728-3648!

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Destination SouthCoast at Cork!

cork wine and tapas

Destination SouthCoast at Cork!

Destination SouthCoast at Cork! This Tuesday, June 24, from 6 to 8 pm, Destination SouthCoast will be holding its free business networking and Reputation Marketing workshop at Cork Wine and Tapas at 90 Front Street in historic downtown New Bedford. These workshops have been highly popular. Just for attending you can enter your contact information for free in our new online business directory

The groundbreaking feature of Destination SouthCoast is LOTTIE the L.O.V.E. Bug which enables your customers to leave Live Original Video Endorsements of your business. Online reviews are the fastest way to bring in new revenues by encouraging potential consumers to choose your business when they are looking for goods and services. LOTTIE is free on Destination SouthCoast. We’ll teach you through Reputation Marketing how to make the most of online marketing using reviews to bump your listing to the top of Google’s search engine page results.

Come learn about Destination SouthCoast and Beyond BOLD Media, the team behind this new product. Call us for more information about the Cork event, Destination SouthCoast, or the availability for private consultations at 508-997-8844.

No reviews? You’re missing out!

no reviews

Lack of Reviews Puts You on Empty

Does your web presence include online reviews? If not, you’re missing out on building a reputation that potential customers take seriously when they’re deciding whether to give you their business or give it to someone else.

Businesses with online reviews gain the trust of shoppers who are looking for good choices for where to spend their money. If you don’t have any reviews, you’re missing out on those shoppers.

The team at Destination SouthCoast can help you build your online reviews and teach you how to ask satisfied clients to give you testimonials. Along with our online Live Original Video Endorsement tool LOTTIE the Lovebug, you can sign up for your own Google + account for free where anyone can leave reviews. Same with YELP!, the review site where the iPhone gets its information when people ask, for example, for nearby restaurants.

Promoting online reviews is one effective method of reputation marketing…one of the most effective ways of building a customer base and increasing revenues. If you’re not collecting online reviews, you’re missing out to those who are.

For more information, contact Beyond BOLD Media, the creators of, at 508-997-4488. Seminars in reputation marketing, online reviews, and free B2B networking are held every other Tuesday night. The next event is June 24 at Cork Wine and Tapas on Front Street in New Bedford from 6 to 8 pm. Admission is free.

Live Original Video Endorsements

ladybhighresThe holy grail of online reviews are those that promote your business with enthusiasm and authenticity. You want people to be so excited about what you have to offer that when they post a review about you it is detailed and infectious.

How do you encourage such reviews? It’s important to catch people in the moment that they are feeling the most excited about what you have to offer, and that usually means making sure they have the opportunity to create their review on the spot before walking away. Reviews posted later usually lack the same spontaneous and real emotion of reviews made immediately.

Destination SouthCoast makes immediate reviews possible by offering a new tool called LOTTIE the LOVEbug that encourages Live Original Video Endorsements. LOTTIE is a ladybug logo that is clickable and scannable so customers can use their smartphones, tablets or computers to create reviews that capture the moment. Most of all, LOTTIE makes creating video reviews easy, and video reviews are fun.

For more information about LOTTIE and how to encourage Live Original Video Endorsements, call Beyond Bold Media which manages Destination SouthCoast at 508-997-8844.

Christal Clear Home Staging on Page One of Google!

christal-1024x1024Destination SouthCoast is excited to announce that Christal Clear Home Staging can now be found on the first page of Google! Christal Lanagan came to Destination SouthCoast looking for help to promote her home staging business by generating reviews from happy clients. When Christal first came to us in April her business was not showing up on the first page of a Google search. After a video review from her ambassador which was then shared on outlets such as Youtube and the Destination SouthCoast Website, Christal’s business now appears on page one!

Does your business need help with reputation marketing? Destination SouthCoast is here to help. Come to one of our seminars to learn more about what we can do for you! Check out for more information and for our upcoming seminar schedule.

Video Reviews are Powerful

destination southcoast video review

Video Reviews inspire Trust

Video Reviews are Powerful! Destination SouthCoast makes it easy for customers to leave reviews for businesses using LOTTIE the L.O.V.E.bug  the scannable icon and a smartphone or computer. Right at the point of purchase, a pleased customer can scan a sign with LOTTIE and the QR code for Destination SouthCoast to leave a message about how the business performed for them.

Video reviews are more powerful than text reviews because customers appreciate the person-to-person approach. For businesses, a video review earns twice the search engine power with Google ratings because the video review gets posted on YouTube as well.

New millennium web surfers like to watch more than they like to read. Spontaneous video reviews for Destination SouthCoast businesses inspire trust and are authentic. In the world of promoting your business, it’s hard to combine good testimonials with authenticity unless people can see that the good word-of-mouth is coming directly from the customer.

For more info on connecting video reviews to your business using LOTTIE and Destination SouthCoast, call 508-997-8844.LOTTIE the LOVEbug

Benefits of Destination SouthCoast

Destination SouthCoast Benefits

Destination SouthCoast puts you on the cyber map.

What are the benefits of being part of the Destination SouthCoast revolution? With our system of hyperlocal reputation marketing, you benefit from high visibility on the internet and a network of customer reviews that convince others that you are a business worth frequenting!

Destination SouthCoast is a powerful alternative to other advertising approaches. Unlike television, radio or print, our marketing has staying power and is affordable in comparison to traditional approaches that people are increasingly ignoring.

So what do we do? Destination SouthCoast is a free directory of businesses in the SouthCoast area for people who live here or are looking to relocate to a new home or visit the area. It is the place that specializes in letting residents find out who is in their own backyard.

Along with the directory there is the option of signing up for video testimonial services that accompany your listing. These reviews are your good word-or-mouth turned into convincing sales tools that people can find online. Studies show what shoppers believe reviews more than they believe what a vendor says about its own business. Five reviews can increase your customer base by 20 percent!

Destination SouthCoast is also dedicated to helping your business show up on page one of the Google search results for your field. Even if you already have a web site, we know how to optimize your visibility online.

Finally, Destination SouthCoast hosts Tuesday night seminars and networking opportunities at its 145 Fairhaven Road location in Mattapoisett. Every other week people gather here for free to learn more about what we have to offer and meet other business owners who are using hyperlocal reputation marketing to advance their enterprises online.

Our next gathering is Tuesday May 27. Call Destination SouthCoast’s creator Beyond BOLD Media at 508-997-8844 for more information, to let us know you’re coming, or to set up a private consultation to learn what we can do for you and what you can be doing for yourself to grow beyond what traditional marketing can offer you.