Clown Sighting in Marion

Kids report clown lingering near Sippican School in Marion

By Georgia Sparling | Oct 13, 2016

MARION — Creepy clowns sightings are happening all over the country, and now they’ve made it to Marion.

On Wednesday afternoon, two Sippican School kids reported to police that they saw a clown in the ball field behind the Town House. Both children were on the same bus, and the reports were made after they got home.

“Whether they thought they saw something or they actually saw something somebody playing a prank, it is cause for concern,” said Lt. John Garcia of the Marion Police Department.

Police spoke with construction workers at the Marion Art Center who were working outside as well as others in the area, but none of them saw a clown. A search of streets in Marion Village also turned up nothing.

Garcia said this is the first report of anyone dressed as a clown in town, and that police will be in the Sippican School area over the next few days to keep an eye out.

He also said it’s not illegal to dress as a clown, unless it’s done with the intent of causing alarm.

“I suspect throughout the region it’s probably going to get a little worse between now and Halloween,” Garcia said of the clown sightings.

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This blog was posted on on October 13, 2016.