Acushnet_Town_Hall,_Acushnet,_MassachusettsAcushnet only has a population of 10,000+ people. It provides a home for various industries in its boarder with New Bedford while also maintaining a back country feel as it abuts Rochester. Open space is a defining characteristic of Acushnet and a major component of the town’s Master Plan.

Acushnet, located Bristol County, is a wonderful community and takes pride in its school system and its amenities. Each fall the local growers and artisans host the Apple/Peach Festival, Pageant and Parade, all of which attract many visitors and locals.

Acushnet was first settled in 1659. It has been included as a part of three separate towns throughout its history. It was formerly the northeastern section of the town of Dartmouth, which included the towns of Westport, New Bedford, and Fairhaven. In 1787, New Bedford separated from Dartmouth, and included the lands of Fairhaven and Acushnet. In 1812, Fairhaven was incorporated as a separate town, again including the lands of Acushnet. Finally, the town was officially incorporated in 1860.

The name “Acushnet”, which is also the name of the river the town lies on, comes from the Native American Wampanoag word Cushnea, meaning “peaceful resting place near water”, originally designating the fact that the tribe which sold the land to the Puritans inhabited the lands leading up to the river.

The City of New Bedford has been considering adding a boathouse on the New Bedford side of the Acushnet River in New Bedford’s north end as part of a new parks and recreation compound.

Check out this video of the Apple/Peach Parade for a taste of the country feel of most of Acushnet.


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