Eastover Farm Rochester

Eastover Farm Rochester

Rochester is the birthplace of BOLD MOVeS REAL ESTATE! We formed our business in 2006 as a home office, and quickly moved to the famous Plumb Corner Mall. (Now we’re located in Mattapoisett.) Other businesses in this mall are the Plumb Corner Market and Matt’s Blackboard Restaurant.

Rochester was once known as Sepecan or Sippican. The town was settled about 1638. The town was named for Rochester, England, from which some of the first settlers came.

Before 1852, the town had a thriving coastal trade from its harbors on Buzzards Bay. Its coastline was lost when Marion and Mattapoisett, originally within the borders of Rochester, were made separate towns in 1852 and 1857, respectively. Parts of Rochester were also given to Fairhaven and Wareham. The town has since reverted to agricultural pursuits.

An exciting new clean energy plant is coming to the Rochester Environmental Park…the first of its kind in the world. Called Zero Waste Solutions, it will process recyclables and transform other trash into combustible bricks that release only a fraction of the carbon pollution of other energy products. Zero Waste Solutions will run on solar power.

Coupled with rustic surroundings, homes on acres of land, and an absence of congestion, Rochester is a well-rounded town offering the quiet city dwellers crave and the laid-back pace and closeness residents covet.

Enjoy this video for a look at a typical Rochester cranberry bog during harvesting.


Please contact BOLD Moves Real Estate for all your questions regarding this great community of Rochester, MA. 508-999-9800.

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