We’re being called the “New Cape” here in Massachusetts’ South Coast region. This kind of label make us chuckle, to be truthful. We’ve long enjoyed not being part of the hustle and bustle and commercial summer influx that can make small town coastal living undesirable. And rest assured – we’re very protective of our towns so you can be sure our small town character will not change even though more people are getting to know the area. But it is flattering to be considered one of the hottest regions to be living in the state.

Lately, all kinds of attention is being paid to the South Coast – and for good reason. Whether it’s our excellent school systems, pristine beaches in Mattapoisett and Marion, fertile vineyards in Westport, picturesque farm land in Rochester, village shopping districts, growing art scene in New Bedford, or all of the things that make living in this area special – the South Coast has never been as desirable a market to be living as it is today.

Many people who live in the towns that comprise the South Coast are professionals who commute to locales like Cape Cod, Boston or Providence and find returning home every evening well worth the drive. Our small towns are ideal for raising families, buying a second home or empty nesters. You’ll find the area’s residents diverse, welcoming and inclusive. We also have amazing communities of self-employed artisans who are selling their wears: making cheeses, firing pottery, building boats, opening restaurants and fixing up old houses among dozens of other enviable pursuits. The South Coast has always been home to interesting characters. Check out some of the histories of our towns in other parts of our web site.

An exciting development will be the extension of the MBTA’s commuter rail into New Bedford sometime in the next few years – making the Boston commute as easy as a train ride. This kind of accessibility will only have positive effects on the housing market and quality of life.

The South Coast has seen the most significant gains in real estate appreciation than any other area of the state over the last five years. While we don’t own a crystal ball, we knock on wood as we write this and hope that the future delivers as equally prosperous times. Regardless, real estate investment as it relates to space, character and quality of life, in our opinion, cannot be found, dollar for dollar, as it can in our special region.

Thank you for taking the time to look around our web site and our towns. If you have any questions about the local market, please do not hesitate to email or call us. We love to talk about Massachusetts’ South Coast.