Enthusiasm Sparks Reviews

Destination SouthCoast uses enthusiasm for ReviewsEnthusiasm inspires customers to want to review your business. Encourage that atmosphere and ask for reviews while your good service is fresh in your client’s mind!

Your business is meaningful to you; let customers know that. They want to see someone who is committed to the success of the business and passionate about what they do. They don’t want to support someone who is only after money. Explain why you love your business, why it is important and why you believe in it. Enthusiasm is contagious — so spread the enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm on your part also helps reviewers with ideas for what to say about you. If you run a restaurant, mention in conversation the importance to you about keeping an upbeat environment, offering excellent service, and cooking superb food.

This means, of course, that to encourage reviews you must engage with your clients on a more personal basis. Customers whom you pay attention to individually are usually favorably impressed. That opens the door for you to mention that you appreciate reviews and hand them a business card or incentive coupon with your web address on it where they can find instructions on how to post a review. This is the meat and potatoes of reputation marketing!

Contact Beyond BOLD Media at 508.997.8844 to ask how we can help you start your reputation marketing by kick starting reviews!

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