Fairhaven High School Cheerleaders Clinch National Championship

National Championship For Fairhaven High School Cheerleading

Linda Perry

Congratulations to the Fairhaven High School Cheerleading squad for clinching a national title today in Orlando, Florida.

Linda Perry Facebook
Linda Perry Facebook

The team had initially thought they had placed second when the host mistakenly announced Leominster, MA as the National Champions.  After hearing the news, the disappointed team left the arena, and Fairhaven’s coach went in to retrieve the score sheet.  They realized that there was an error and that the Blue Devils had actually won.

“It was like what happened at the Miss Universe pageant,” said parent Linda Perry.

Here is a picture of them team finding out the news that they were actually champions.




They are now the 2016 National Champions for the Advanced Co-Ed Division.  Fun 107 congratulates the Blue Devils.

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