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Family Biography Day at Rochester Memorial School!

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The Fifth Grade at Rochester Memorial School in Rochester, MA held its annual Family Biography Day!   Weeks ago, the project began with the Fifth graders picking an older family member to write a biography of their life.   Many students picked a grandparent to write about but their was also aunts and uncles and even Moms and Dads.

The student started the project by sitting down with their family member with a list of questions, such as where were you born, where did you go to school, what is your favorite memory, your greatest accomplishment, worst tragedy and so on.  It was a great opportunity for them to spend time with an older family member and hear about their life, and learn things about them they might not have known.  Also, to get a picture of what life was like when they were young and how things have changed.  Many were surprised they lived without TV and electronic devices until they were older.  It’s a great lesson in history as well as ancestry and family.

The students then took the questions and answers and rewrote them into a biography.  Most of the work was done in school.  The students also spent time with their teachers working on videos with groups of 4 students.  Each video depicted the 4 students dressed as their family member and meeting at different locations to tell a little about themselves.  The students wrote the scripts themselves and the teachers videotaped them.  The locations were as varied as an ice cream shoppe, diner, amusement park, Lowe’s, flower shop to name a few.  Jobs and grandchildren and children and hobbies were all discussed by the students in the role of their chosen family member.

Parents and family members were invited to school today to watch a presentation by their fifth graders.  It started with them taking turns reciting events and facts of the year their family member was 11, just as they are now.  There were interesting notes of the price of gas, bread, apartments and houses many years ago as well as important events, such as who was president, popular songs, musicians and sporting events.

They then watched the entertaining video each group of students made depicting their life, and what they looked like including a blooper reel as an added bonus.  The child then presented their biography all typed up neatly to the family member they depicted.

It was a great project by the fifth grade teachers, Mrs. Della Cioppa, Mrs. Hemenway, Mrs. Lefebvre and Mr. Huckabee.  It was a great treat for their families and a wonderful way to bring them closer.  Rochester Memorial School is truly a great place to learn.

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