Family Christmas

ChristmasChristmas at the MacGregors!  It’s a special time of year.  I was very blessed to grow up in a close-knit family and we are still very close now,  and was delighted to  marry into a very warm and loving family also.  Christmas is a busy time and we are lucky enough to live close to both sides of the family.  We split our time between both the MacGregors and the Santos family.  We always have more MacGregor pictures thanks to Kate, who rounds everyone up and takes some great pictures.

It’s always a little chaotic at Chickadee and Grampie’s house, as the grandchildren call their grandparents,( but that’s another story), when everyone is together.  There are 16 grandchildren altogether, but it’s always a great time when we can all get together.  Family football is always a favorite and the mild temperatures kept the kids outside for a lot of the day this year.  We pick names for gift-giving with such a large crew, but it’s not really about the gifts.  It’s about getting together and picking up where we left off, even if it’s been a while since we’ve seen the more long-distance cousins.  Singing Christmas carols after church on Christmas Eve is a long-standing tradition and the cousins always look forward to singing a part in the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Chickadee always has a great meal on hand and ice cream for dessert.  It’s a great way for the kids to grow up and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We then move on to the Santos traditions with lots of Portuguese food and lots of cousins too.  The kids have almost all grown up, but we are now starting on the next generation with weddings and babies.  It’s a great time to be together and a great opportunity to fuse all the traditions. We keep the festivities going with a day after Christmas breakfast at my house where we can relax after a busy day.

It may be loud and crazy, but it’s the best way to spend the holidays.  It’s not about the receiving, but the giving of gifts and quality time together. It makes for the best of memories through the year where we can look forward to doing  it all over again next year.

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This blog was posted on on December 29,2015.