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Family Farms!

destination hometown, Family FarmThe Family farm is a great way of life.  There is always something new happening every day.  The work may be hard  but the benefits are great.  It’s a nice environment to raise a family.  There are always chores to be done but it teaches the importance of being responsible for an animal’s care.

We’ve downsized our highland beef herd this year.  Over the years the herd grows as new babies come into the fold every year and soon there are too many cows to graze the amount of fields we have.  In order to keep down on food costs, we downsize every so often.  We love to have them grazing on our own grass rather than feed them grain as a supplement.

Our first baby of the year was born this week.  A little later than normal but still always a great event.  The Mom does all the work and we just basically leave her alone and then monitor them to make sure the calf is nursing properly.  So far so good this year.  The calf seems to be a female, although we won’t know for sure for a little while.  The Mom keeps a close watch on the baby and we don’t like to get in the way.  The calf gets up and walks within an hour after birth and will soon be running around the field.

We also have chickens on the farm this year.  My daughter and her fiance raised them from chicks and we are anticipating our first eggs next month.  The layers turned out to have one chick named Mabel who is actually a rooster.  He’s pretty friendly and we’re getting used to the early morning crowing.  It really seems like a farm now.

Rochester is a great town to enjoy the farming life.

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destination hometown, Family farm