Family Vacations!

family vacationFamily vacations!  We love them!  The MacGregors recently went on a family vacation in Vermont.  We try to get everyone together for a vacation each year, but with such a big family and everyone’s busy schedule it usually involves a smaller portion of the family.  This year while the whole family wasn’t able to make it, we had a great turnout and even convinced “Chickadee and Grampie” to join us for the weekend.

We had the Maryland MacGregors and the New York MacGregors this year too.  Everyone enjoyed the week together including whiffle ball games, boys vs. the girls, tubing down the river , swimming, kayaking, a grueling hike, and even a family trash band night.

We all remember great family vacations where you took up with your cousins, who you may not have seen for awhile, just like it was yesterday and simply enjoyed their company again.  It’s so important in this day and age to turn off all your devices and simply enjoy spending time outdoors together.  What better way to bring a family together than with a hike through the woods where everyone helps each other and the older kids mentor the younger ones with a helping hand or simple encouragement when the going gets tough.  It’s a great feeling when the hike is done and everyone has spent some time chatting along the way and getting to know each other better.   There is no better laughs as you are clawing your way up the mountain or getting wet as you cross the stream, some are better at it than others.

We all came away with a greater appreciation for our family time together.  We are all looking forward to it next year and hope we can get all the MacGregors together in Vermont again.

family vacations

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This blog was posted on on August 11, 2015