hay workoout

Hay Workout!

Hay Workout!  Combine the job of picking up hay off a field with a little cardiovascular jogging and you get a great hay workout!   With everyone trying to be healthier and working out more, my nephew, Connor, turned a hay-picking afternoon into a mini workout.

Picking up hay is always an exhausting event and everyone in the family usually pitches in.  Once the hay is baled, it all needs to be picked up off the field and loaded in the barn.  Of course, it’s always a hot, dry day when this happens because wet hay is never a good thing.

Usually there is a driver, a stacker, and a few people picking up the hay and throwing it on the truck.  On this day, we only had a couple of tossers so Connor made it into a workout by jogging to each bale and trying to throw it on without the truck stopping.  It turned a chore into a little more fun and a great workout.

It still had to be loaded into the barn from the truck but it went a little faster.  It’s not so much fun loading hay but it’s a little easier and a lot more fun when the whole family pitches in.  We get great family times and the cousins all enjoy being together.

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