Live Original Video Endorsements

ladybhighresThe holy grail of online reviews are those that promote your business with enthusiasm and authenticity. You want people to be so excited about what you have to offer that when they post a review about you it is detailed and infectious.

How do you encourage such reviews? It’s important to catch people in the moment that they are feeling the most excited about what you have to offer, and that usually means making sure they have the opportunity to create their review on the spot before walking away. Reviews posted later usually lack the same spontaneous and real emotion of reviews made immediately.

Destination SouthCoast makes immediate reviews possible by offering a new tool called LOTTIE the LOVEbug that encourages Live Original Video Endorsements. LOTTIE is a ladybug logo that is clickable and scannable so customers can use their smartphones, tablets or computers to create reviews that capture the moment. Most of all, LOTTIE makes creating video reviews easy, and video reviews are fun.

For more information about LOTTIE and how to encourage Live Original Video Endorsements, call Beyond Bold Media which manages Destination SouthCoast at 508-997-8844.

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