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The New Automated Trash and Single Stream Recycling Program!

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The New Automated Trash and Single Stream Recycling Program has come to Rochester and Mattapoisett.  New garbage carts were delivered last week.  Everyone has received a garbage cart for Recyclables and a garbage cart for trash.  The new system will not go into effect until February 6th.  Until then, everyone should be using their old cans and recycle bins.  Each garbage cart came with a pamphlet explaining the new program.  The recycle garbage receptacle is larger than the regular trash receptacle. The recycle receptacle can hold about 95 gallons. This program will be monitored for compliance.  Trash cannot be put in the recycle receptacle and recyclables cannnot be put in the garbage receptacle.

The towns are hoping that this will encourage more people to recycle their trash.  Improper use of the carts could result in fines.  Each cart should be set out on the street two feet apart on garbage day.  Recyclable carts will be picked up and emptied every other week and regular carts emptied every week.  The new garbage trucks will have mechanical arms to pick up the carts and empty them and are running on a cleaner fuel that is more efficient

The pamphlets explain what should go into each cart.  All recyclables should be rinsed and clean.

There has been a mixed reaction from local Rochester residents I have talked to. Many felt the garbage cart was too small and one was not enough.  The garbage inside must be in a bag and the lid has to close.  Any bags left outside of the carts will not be picked up.  You can petition the town for another garbage cart, and they will evaluate the situation on a case by case basis and make a decision.  Residents who already recycle feel the program will not change their situation or how they separate their garbage.   Those who do not recycle are concerned about the amount of work it will involve and space in their house to do it. Some residents felt it was easier to just bring their garbage to the dump.

As with all new programs, it will take awhile to get everyone on board.  It’s brand new and everyone is a little concerned with compliance  We will keep track of the implementation and check back with how residents are feeling once they start the new system.  Stay tuned. Visit for more information.

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This blog was originally posted on on January 21,2015

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