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New Trash and Recycling Update!

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How is the  new Trash and Recycling system working in Rochester, now that residents have had a chance to implement it?  There are definitely mixed feelings from  Rochester residents.  Rochester Administrator Michael McCue has tried to respond to residents’ concerns.  The brochure passed out with the receptacles mentioned that their might be fines associated with the trash, but McCue is quick to point out that ABC is not authorized to issue fines and the town is not in a rush to establish a fee system.  There is no “Trash Police” coming to your house.

Questions about the Trash and Recycling should be directed to ABC Disposal, not the Town Hall.

One concern with some residents is the size and bulkiness of the container and getting it to the street.  If this is an issue, especially for older residents, they can request a smaller 65 gallon receptacle rather than the 95 gallon receptacle they received.  They can call ABC directly.

Residents are also concerned with the size of the receptacle and fitting all their trash in.  An occasional bag may be placed near the trash receptacle  in extreme cases if it does not all fit in the cart. It must be bagged.    This is also true of the Recycling Cart.  You may put your old recycle bins near the cart if you find it does not all fit in.  Inquiries for an extra trash cart at no charge should be directed to ABC Disposal.  They will talk to the town and a decision will be made on a case-by-case basis.  Regardless, residents can also purchase and extra trash cart from ABC Disposal directly for $65 each.

Another complaint I’ve heard is getting the Carts to the street through all the snow, especially residents who have long driveways. They are heavy and cumbersome to get on the back of a truck. The solution for this remains to be seen.  Also with all the snow, residents are finding it hard to put the cans right along the street for pick-up without blocking their driveways.

The town is stressing for residents to give it a chance before contacting ABC Disposal with their complaints.  The goal is to get more people recycling and the less garbage heading to SEMASS, puts more money in the town’s coffers.

Stay tuned for more updates as Rochester residents get used to the new system.

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