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Lack of Reviews Puts You on Empty

Does your web presence include online reviews? If not, you’re missing out on building a reputation that potential customers take seriously when they’re deciding whether to give you their business or give it to someone else.

Businesses with online reviews gain the trust of shoppers who are looking for good choices for where to spend their money. If you don’t have any reviews, you’re missing out on those shoppers.

The team at Destination SouthCoast can help you build your online reviews and teach you how to ask satisfied clients to give you testimonials. Along with our online Live Original Video Endorsement tool LOTTIE the Lovebug, you can sign up for your own Google + account for free where anyone can leave reviews. Same with YELP!, the review site where the iPhone gets its information when people ask, for example, for nearby restaurants.

Promoting online reviews is one effective method of reputation marketing…one of the most effective ways of building a customer base and increasing revenues. If you’re not collecting online reviews, you’re missing out to those who are.

For more information, contact Beyond BOLD Media, the creators of, at 508-997-4488. Seminars in reputation marketing, online reviews, and free B2B networking are held every other Tuesday night. The next event is June 24 at Cork Wine and Tapas on Front Street in New Bedford from 6 to 8 pm. Admission is free.

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