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Primed & Ready Meals in Mattapoisett

Mattapoisett business Primed & Ready to serve nutritious meals

By Georgia Sparling | Feb 22, 2017

Courtesy of: Bobby FarlandPrimed & Ready Meals are gluten free, protein-based and non-GMO.

MATTAPOISETT — Bobby Farland is taking the guesswork and the footwork out of nutritious eating with his new business, Primed & Ready Meals.

With the motto “Victory starts with nutrition,” Farland makes and delivers personalized meals that are free of gluten, dairy and antibiotics without skimping on taste. And while he currently does everything out of his Mattapoisett kitchen at 20 County Road, next to Ying Dynasty, Farland has big plans.

“I’m trying to feed everybody,” he said. “I feel like we’ve got a product that can suit anybody.”

Although the shop isn’t currently open for walk-in customers, Farland is growing his client base. Each person who comes to Prime & Ready gets a one-on-one consultation complete with metabolic testing that gives Farland the information he needs to create individualized menus.

“There are no cookie cutter plans,” said Farland.

He assesses each person’s goals, from those looking to lose weight to mixed martial arts fighters to people who want to eat healthy but don’t have time to cook. Meals are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks.

A former army cook, Farland knows how to feed a crowd, but he tried to avoid the food industry. He studied architecture in college and worked in Arizona for a few years before returning to the South Coast. But the kitchen called. Combining his interest in athletics with his cooking background, Farland and a friend began crafting a business focused on healthful, ready to eat meals about two years ago. In July, the two parted ways and Farland established Prime & Ready Meals’ “fueling station” on his own.

The recipes are made from scratch using “tips and techniques” Farland has collected while cooking with people from all over the country. He also got a few dishes from his mom.

The protein-heavy menu includes Cajun pork chops, teriyaki sirloin tips, shrimp stir-fry and “Titan” chili. Farland admits he has a sweet tooth and so has snacks such as “Elvis cakes” with peanut butter and banana and a chocolate cherry explosion, all with no added sugar.

Farland makes deliveries twice a week and also mails frozen meals across the country.

As the business grows, he plans to expand his offerings – opening the Route 6 shop a few times a week for drop-in customers, growing his own food and teaching youth to eat well.

“I’m hoping to make an impact on the community,” he said. “I really want to focus on young athletes before they get into bad habits.”

Eventually, Farland also wants to go international.

“My goal is to be global,” he said.

For more information on Primed & Ready Meals, visit or call 508-758-MEAL.

Bobby Farland’s meals are made in his space on Route 6 in Mattapoisett. (Courtesy of: Bobby Farland)

A variety of meals Primed & Ready. (Courtesy of: Bobby Farland)
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