LOTTIE the Lovebug’s motto is “Love Us Tell Us.” LOTTIE is a clickable and scanable ladybug icon that lets customers know that a business is interested in collecting Live Original Video Endorsements (LOVE). LOTTIE also ties into the Destination SouthCoast directory to help customers find businesses of quality close to home.

Clicking on LOTTIE on the Web takes customers to an automated reviews page. Using the microphone and camera built into their computer or smartphone, customers can leave a video review. Reviews online are the 21st Century “word-of-mouth.” Studies show that potential customers trust a review from a stranger almost as much as they trust a recommendation from a friend. So, spread the love!

When LOTTIE appears on a sign, menu, brochure or business card, the icon is usually accompanied by a QR code that smartphones can scan. Scanning the QR code takes customers directly to the reviews page making it easy to build a favorite business’ reputation from anywhere!