Are you ready for the BOLD day Challenge?

Bold Day Challenge

INSPIRATION STATION: Are you ready for the BOLD day Challenge? Many have asked what will happen after 100 Days to BOLDness? Will we still be BOLD?!

What have I learned?

The gifts and blessings that I have experienced through doing this “100 Days of BOLDness” have been immense. On Day 1 I told you about empowerment and making each day count. Having to write 6 posts a week on ‘BOLD” topics has been something. I have often had trouble finding time to write, but never had a shortage of topics! My habits have expanded to categorizing things that I have learned into, “Could this be BOLD?” So, thank you. The practice of having to write this each day has opened my eyes to the many BOLD events going on around us.

The second gift I have received is the outpouring of wonderful stories to how 100 Days of BOLDnesshas impacted you. I have made friends throughout the country. Your stories have transformed me.

The BOLD day Challenge is the result of all of these factors. The habit of searching for ‘BOLD’ actions, the benefit of sharing a good thought, and the outcome to those around us for these activities.

The BOLD day Challenge is simply writing One thank you note per day to someone. We will provide you with a BOLD day pledge, and then we will provide an outline for finding those to thank, and also a tracking system that will build you your own database. We will offer you complimentary “Make it a BOLD day!” cards, or you can utilize our cards from The details are still being refined, and I just wanted to get you thinking!

Get ready to take the pledge! To be part of this BOLD day Challenge, we are taking a pledge to write one thank you  note per day for the year! Each day, you track your notes, and what the special message was to that person. You also will share the amazing outcomes with the BOLD day Challege Group! Get ready for a magical Year! Wanna talk about it? Call me! 508-728-3648!

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