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Snow Day

snow day

Snow Day!  Today is the first significant snowfall of the winter.  It isn’t actually a snow day since all the kids have the Martin Luther King holiday off anyway.  It does make it easier for the local town workers to be able to clean up the snow without worrying about buses or lots of cars on the road.

I know in my family, my nephews already have the skimobiles out and my son even tried dirt biking through the snow.  It’s always fun on the MacGregor compound when all the cousins are out riding around and taking advantage of the fresh snow.

We’ve had a pretty mild winter so far but this snow reminds us that winter is still here and we have quite a ways to go until spring.  It’s also a great time to catch up on inside chores if playing in the snow is not exactly your thing.  Catching up on the BOLD Day Challenge and writing some Thank You notes is a great way to spend the day or even starting to organize your tax receipts.  Snow can be a way to get us to slow down and be grateful for family time and take a break from the hectic daily schedule.

It’s not a blizzard, but the first snowfall of the season is always a special day.  We may be feeling the total opposite in another few weeks, but for now it’s enough to kick back and enjoy.

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