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Super Bowl Sunday!

Destination HometownSuper Bowl Sunday is almost here!  The Patriots vs. The Seattle Seahawks!   Make sure you tune it on Sunday at 6:30 pm on NBC.  There has been a lot of  attention paid to the whole “deflate-gate” football situation.  Thankfully, it has mostly been laid to rest so the teams and the fans can concentrate on the game itself. Check out this great snow sculpture on Crystal Spring Rd. in Mattapoisett.

The Super Bowl is always the culmination of a great season and if your local team makes the cut, it’s more than awesome.  The New England Patriots have the most loyal fan base and Super Bowl parties are planned throughout the states. It’s a great way to get family and friends together and watching together is always better than a solo night.

Although I’m not a huge football fan, I can appreciate the excitement and fun of a Super Bowl Party.  There are always the kids and wives who would rather spend the game in the kitchen chatting or in the basement playing than watching the game.  This is also a tradition.

The half-time show always makes it worth watching even if you are not a fan of football.   It’s always spectacular and Katy Perry should put on a great show.  Then there are the commercials that are specifically for the Super Bowl.  They are usually extremely funny or heartwarming so the Super Bowl has something for everyone!

Go Patriots!

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