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Starting to Feel a Little Like Spring!

Destination Hometown

It’s starting to feel a little like Spring!  The temperatures are moderating somewhat and while we still have some piles of snow, sunny spots are showing lots of grass.  The daffodils and crocuses are starting to poke through the leaves and giving hope of things to come.

With Easter right around the corner, now is a great time to start cleaning up the yard and cleaning up all the debris that has reared its ugly  head as the snow melts away.  Raking the dry, dead leaves that have accumulated over the winter in your flower beds and mulched areas will help the spring flowers readily bloom.  You can also add a little fertilizer to your beds to give them a Spring boost.

With Easter approaching this weekend, now is a great time to thicken up your flower beds with some new crocuses, lilies,tulips, or daffodils.  Use them as a great centerpiece on your table for Easter and then plant them outside.

Now is a nice time to enjoy the warming weather before all the summer chores start, such as cutting and trimming the lawn and working in the garden.  The days are longer to enjoy and it feels so good after the long, cold winter New England has experienced.

If you are thinking of putting your house on the market, now is the time to do it.  Rates are still low and inventory is sparse, so get your house ready and get it on the market.  The Spring is here and Summer is fast approaching,so freshen it up and get it listed.

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What’s your Webutation?

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What being said about you online?

Do you know what a Webutation is? Your potential customers do! A Webutation is the online reputation you’re building from the reviews others are leaving about you on sites like Google, Yelp and Facebook.

Have you checked your reviews? Look yourself up on Google and see if under your listing there is a notation that you have reviews. Click on Google Reviews and see what people are saying about you. Do the same thing on Yelp and Facebook.

If you have no reviews, start encouraging your satisfied clients to leave some. Studies have found that people trust an online review from a stranger almost as much as they trust a word-of-mouth referral from a friend. They certainly trust your Webutation more than they trust what you say about yourself on your own web site.

Now is the time to start building your Webutation as it is becoming the next hot thing in reputation marketing. Certainly if you find you have a negative or lukewarm review you want to take corrective action to build up your good scores.

For more information on how to be proactive about reputation marketing and building your outstanding Webutation, contact Destination SouthCoast to find out more about what we can do for your business. Visit or call Beyond Bold Media at 508-997-8844.

Enthusiasm Sparks Reviews

Destination SouthCoast uses enthusiasm for ReviewsEnthusiasm inspires customers to want to review your business. Encourage that atmosphere and ask for reviews while your good service is fresh in your client’s mind!

Your business is meaningful to you; let customers know that. They want to see someone who is committed to the success of the business and passionate about what they do. They don’t want to support someone who is only after money. Explain why you love your business, why it is important and why you believe in it. Enthusiasm is contagious — so spread the enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm on your part also helps reviewers with ideas for what to say about you. If you run a restaurant, mention in conversation the importance to you about keeping an upbeat environment, offering excellent service, and cooking superb food.

This means, of course, that to encourage reviews you must engage with your clients on a more personal basis. Customers whom you pay attention to individually are usually favorably impressed. That opens the door for you to mention that you appreciate reviews and hand them a business card or incentive coupon with your web address on it where they can find instructions on how to post a review. This is the meat and potatoes of reputation marketing!

Contact Beyond BOLD Media at 508.997.8844 to ask how we can help you start your reputation marketing by kick starting reviews!

Reviews Bring in the Customers

Reputation Marketing at Destination SouthCoastReputation Marketing is based on the fact that good reviews bring in the customers! That’s a no-brainer. But how many reviews do you need? How do you get them? Where do they go? How do potential customers find them?

At Beyond BOLD Media, Reputation Marketing and getting reviews rolling for you is our expertise. Statistics show that 70% of people trust a review from a stranger as much as they would a recommendation from a friend. That’s astounding. So we start with interviewing your satisfied customer for positive input.

Statistics also show that as few as five good reviews can increase your consumer base by 20%. That’s a big jump for just a handful of upbeat testimonials.

Beyond BOLD Media also offers a hyperlocal Web hub called Destination SouthCoast to help people find your business in the Southeastern Massachusetts region in the towns of Wareham, Bourne, Marion, Mattapoisett, Middleborough, Freetown, Fairhaven, Dartmouth, and Westport. People especially want to know what’s being recommended in their own neighborhoods!

Come to the Beyond BOLD Media’s Destination SouthCoast launch party to find out more and sign up for your free basic listing. It’s being held April 8 from 6 to 8pm at 145 Fairhaven Road (Route 6) in Mattapoisett. Meet the team that will make the difference in your Web success!

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