Video Reviews are Powerful

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Video Reviews inspire Trust

Video Reviews are Powerful! Destination SouthCoast makes it easy for customers to leave reviews for businesses using LOTTIE the L.O.V.E.bug  the scannable icon and a smartphone or computer. Right at the point of purchase, a pleased customer can scan a sign with LOTTIE and the QR code for Destination SouthCoast to leave a message about how the business performed for them.

Video reviews are more powerful than text reviews because customers appreciate the person-to-person approach. For businesses, a video review earns twice the search engine power with Google ratings because the video review gets posted on YouTube as well.

New millennium web surfers like to watch more than they like to read. Spontaneous video reviews for Destination SouthCoast businesses inspire trust and are authentic. In the world of promoting your business, it’s hard to combine good testimonials with authenticity unless people can see that the good word-of-mouth is coming directly from the customer.

For more info on connecting video reviews to your business using LOTTIE and Destination SouthCoast, call 508-997-8844.LOTTIE the LOVEbug

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