What is the Difference between Reputation Management and Reputation Marketing?

ladyb48What is the difference between Reputation Management and Reputation Marketing?

Lots of people are commenting, liking, reviewing, friending and yelping in cyberspace. What does that mean for your business? Reputation management was the first stage that businesses went through when they realized that what customers said about them online was affecting revenues either positively or negatively. They started to google themselves to see and respond to online testimonials. But reputation management is like chasing the train after it has already left the station!

Reputation marketing is like conducting that train. Reputation marketing is a combination of reputation management and branding. By taking action to stimulate reviews for your business, you can influence your reputation for the positive! Here are some steps to take for starting your reputation marketing campaign:

1) Ask your happy customers to give you reviews.

2) Make sure you respond to any unhappy customers to show good faith action. Even though you want to do anything possible to avoid the unfavorable spotlight, nobody is perfect. Proving that you care can still make a good impression.

3) Post your testimonials online on Facebook, Linked In, your Web site, and in YouTube videos.

4) Encourage Yelping.

5) Google yourself regularly to do your management work and find out who’s saying what about you. When you find reviews, be sure to thank the reviewers, good and bad, for the opportunity to improve your business.

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